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"Memory in Our Bones is a bold, inspiring exploration of the nature of consciousness that goes far beyond our ordinary assumptions. Ms. Burke shows that consciousness is not limited or confined to our brains, or to the here and now, but is unlimited. We cannot be truly healthy unless this realization becomes real for each of us".


"Each of us has a story, written on the body. What do these stories mean? How do we unlock memory and trauma from deep within our cells, releasing the stories that no longer serve us? Drawing on years of research in science, spirituality, psycho-energetic and somatic studies from Buddhist, Taoist and Shamanist traditions, Memory in Our Bones gives us the tools, courage, and inspiration to re-write our own life stories from a place of compassion and empowerment. This book is riveting. I recommend it highly to any bodyworker, healer, or human being who wishes to open up to greater joy and vitality in an embodied, transcendent way."

Leza Lowitz, Author — YOGA POEMS: LINES TO UNFOLD BY Owner, Sun & Moon Yoga Studio, Tokyo

"Everything we need to heal is within us ‘in the silent spaciousness of our innermost being’ if we can just slow down, be fully present, and listen to our intuitive wisdom. Based on the author's own transformative experiences, Memory in Our Bones offers a unique approach to healing that taps this powerful source of wisdom —and joy— within ourselves."


"In Memory in Our Bones, H. Elizabeth Burke gives her readers a unique synthesis of information from several fields (notably metaphor, narrative, and memory) that they may utilize for self-healing purposes. As medicine enters the age of information, many patients have assumed greater responsibility for their own health care. Memory in Our Bones does not attempt to limit the role of physicians, but supplements their work with patient-directed exercises using imagery and the mind-body connection."

Stanley Krippner, Ph.D. Co-author — THE MYTHIC PATH

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Memory in Our Bones, by H. Elizabeth Burke wins bronze medal, Independent Book Publisher's Award

Breakthrough Practices for Resolving Trauma, Emotional Pain, Relationship Conflicts and Symptoms

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Memory is no longer found just in the brain. It also lives in our bones. Larry Dossey, MD, one of the world’s foremost authorities on the synergy of physical health and spiritual awareness, says, “ Burke shows that consciousness is not limited or confined to our brains, or to the here and now, but is unlimited. We cannot be truly healthy unless this realization becomes real for each of us.”

Such awareness flies in the face of the fact that most people cope with life’s upsets by trying not to think about them, the “old out of sight, out of mind” technique. Problem solved, right? Not so, says author and creator of the Transforming Embodiment method and practice. In her groundbreaking book Memory in Our Bones: Exploring the Mysteries of Mind Body and Spirit, Burke draws on the latest research and 25 years of clinical and personal experience to demonstrate that unresolved memories and emotions imprint themselves upon our psyches and actually descend into our cells, bones, and tissue. Once here, they cause a myriad of problems from complex emotional reactions to relationship conflicts and even physical symptoms Burke explains.

In recognition of this achievement, Memory in Our Bones has been awarded the 2009 Bronze Medal in the Mind, Body, and Spirit from the Independent Publisher (IPPY) Book Awards. Burke’s in-depth examination of the nature of consciousness demonstrates that “our memories and emotions can and do cross the barriers of time and death to reemerge in our bodies and lives.” This may sound ominous, but Burke reassures readers that deep and lasting change is possible. Imprinted memories and emotions can be easily resolved and released by using the simple, direct practices presented in Memory in Our Bones.

Talking Points

• The body and mind hold the entire history of our being.

• These experiences color how we see and experience our daily life in unexpected ways.

• Intense memories, emotions and traumatic experiences are held within our body, cells, bones and tissues and chakras.

• If unresolved these memories, and emotions can cross the barriers of time and death to reemerge within consciousness.

• Memory and emotions can survive from lifetime to lifetime.

• Karmic patterns and traces can be transformed.

• These memories and emotions from our past lives affect us everyday.

• Imagery is the language of the body — Imagery and memory are linked —Working with the imagery transforms memories.

• Transforming Embodiment ® is a new 5-step somatic and past life integrative healing process that works with ancient memories, emotions and beliefs.

• Transforming, releasing and removing these powerful emotions and memories directly from the body and consciousness is possible.

• Working with past life and somatic memories can deeply change your life.

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