• Memory in our Bones, front and back cover, larry dossey,  book endorsements

    Larry Dossey, MD — Book Endorsement for Memory In Our Bones

    "Memory In Our Bones is a bold, inspiring exploration of the nature of consciousness that goes far beyond our ordinary assumptions. Ms. Burke shows that consciousness is not limited or confined to our brains, or to the here and now, but is unlimited. We cannot be truly healthy unless this realization becomes real for each of us."

    Larry Dossey, MD Author — Healing Beyond the Body, Healing Words, Reinventing Medicine & Recovering the Soul.

  • Memory in our Bones, front and back cover, book endorsements

    Alexandra Kennedy's — Kind Words for Memory In Our Bones

    "Everything we need to heal is within us ‘in the silent spaciousness of our innermost being’ if we can just slow down, be fully present, and listen to our intuitive wisdom. Based on the author's own transformative experiences, Memory In Our Bones offers a unique approach to healing that taps this powerful source of wisdom — and joy — within ourselves."

    Alexandra Kennedy, Author —The Infinite Thread and Losing a Parent

  •  Memory in our Bones, front and back cover, book endorsements

    Stanley Krippner Ph.D.'s — Praise for Memory In Our Bones

    "In Memory In Our Bones, H. Elizabeth Burke gives her readers a unique synthesis of information from several fields (notably metaphor, narrative, and memory) that they may utilize for self-healing purposes. As medicine enters the age of information, many patients have assumed greater responsibility for their own health care. Memory In Our Bones does not attempt to limit the role of physicians, but supplements their work with patient-directed exercises using imagery and the mind-body connection."

    Stanley Krippner, Ph.D. Co-author —The Mythic Path