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    What Clients are Saying

    What you taught me is always part of what arises in my consciousness, woven in with all the rest. You are one of the very few people I know who walks both paths, (intuitive and Buddhist) who has found her way to be with both. Thank you in the biggest way for your good humored compassion, and incisive teaching and insights and for all the times you've helped me thru emotional and spiritual crisis. Kym K. Massage Therapist, New Mexico

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    What Clients are Saying

    "Elizabeth has taught me to look within and heal myself. Her teachings have empowered me to take control of my own life and I am so grateful. Elizabeth has helped reveal to me my own power and healing abilites." Hannah G.

    "In Elizabeth's classes the mysteries surrounding my life were clarified as my deeper self became real and known to me." Bonne A.

    "This training have opened my mind and body, and taught me new ways to heal more deeply than ever before." Kathy K.

  •  keywords Elizabeth Burke MA Somatic & Sound Training

    What Clients are Saying

    "She also draws on experiential truths, which often defy mainstream psychic conventions, but actually resonated more deeply with my own felt sense of the world. I have found her work powerful, helpful and full of ah ha’s." Cecily M. Bodyworker & Health Educator, California

    "Elizabeth's training allowed to quiet my mind and let go of my daily distractions - a very centering and enlivening experience that brought a new quality of awareness into my life." Tina P.