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    What Clients are Saying

    "Working with Elizabeth has changed me more deeply than any previous process I have done." — Marylee. M.

    "Elizabeth has an incredible gift. She has brought me peace of mind concerning my biggest fears & has helped me understand the roots of those fears & anxieties that have ruled my life & shown me how to release them." — Hannah G.

    "Your insights ignited such a deep process of healing. You took what was unbearable & gave me the tools to find my way through. Resolving these old wounds has been a great gift." — Carol B.

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    Transforming History — Working with Somatic Memory and Past Life Imprints

    Our chakras, energy systems & body are conscious & deeply alive.

    If we wish to, we can access the entire history of our being through the body and chakras.

    By gaining access to this body of knowledge we can answer our most perplexing questions. — Channeled by Elizabeth

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    Benefits of this Profound Work

    • Stabilize your mind, energy & emotions during times of spiritual growth & life transitions.

    • Connect to your inner knowing, body wisdom & higher consciousness.

    • Heal old fears, emotions, relationship wounds, & childhood issues.

    • Resolve recurring emotional patterns, symptoms & past lives.

    • See the interconnections in your life, in a new light & find peace.

    • Be more confident, empowered & reintegrate lost aspects of your self.

    • Live a balanced life in concert with your spirit, connected to your body & its truth.