Elizabeth's Biography

Pioneer in awakening consciousness & healing the soul

Elizabeth Burke is a healer and the creator of the groundbreaking work, Transforming Embodiment ® a transformational somatic & past life therapy.

She is also an award-winning author, respected psychic, medical intuitive and teacher, and a pioneer in mind-body & transformational healing and with a master's degree in Contemplative and Somatic Psychology and Counseling from Lesley College in Cambridge, MA.

35 years ago Elizabeth survived a 3 year-long kundalini awakening and shamanic initiation (from 1983-1986) that changed her body and mind forever. She emerged from this profound experience, a channel & psychic with clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient skills.

She has been connected to this wisdom energy or Source, which has been defined as, the beginning point out of which all things are created, ever since. It is this energy that guided her in the creation of the healing practices of Transforming Embodiment in 1991, after she traversed through hundreds of past life memories held in her cells, bones and chakras.

This combination of deep intuition & psychology insights, her connection to this wisdom energy & her ability to clearly see the interface between the body, mind & the past is what sets her work apart.

This extraordinary shift in consciousness gave her a profound understanding of energy and a deeply personal grasp of how the mind can heal the body. Having remembered hundreds of past life memories & seeing the effects the past and past trauma has on the body and mind in the present makes her uniquely qualified to do this body of work. Elizabeth truly understands how memory is embodied & how past life, prenatal, ancestral, genetic and cellular memories affect us & how to change them at their roots.

Elizabeth is able to see the patterns, and interconnections between the present and past with great clarity. She works deftly with the energy, emotions and the stories held deep within your body and chakras, facilitating deep inner transformation and change, with ease and grace.

Her engaging work and her clear readings have helped women and men understand themselves and their lives ever since. She has taught Transforming Embodiment to professionals and lay people alike for decades and has done psychic readings for 1000's of men and women from all over the world since 1986.

For 30 years she has taught and lectured on the nature of consciousness, chakra and energy psychology, somatic approaches to past life integrative therapy and healing, Buddhist and Taoist meditation practices, Hawai'ian shamanism, and the energetic nature of trauma, memory and embodiment.

Elizabeth's work is a deft interface of Buddhist, Taoist and Hawai'ian traditions inspired by rich psychic & medical intuitive insights that heal the soul, enlighten the mind and release the wounds of the past directly from the body. Elizabeth's work encompasses somatic, cognitive, past live and transformational healing, deep chakra analysis, past life integration and energy healing. Her integrative approach is powerful and deep.

Elizabeth has studied with Tibetan Buddhist Masters, Taoist priests, and shamans from Hawai'i and has practiced meditation for decades. She was certified as body worker and movement therapist at the Institute of Educational Therapy in Berkeley CA in 1986 and was also a classically trained operatic singer.

Elizabeth's published work

Her published work includes articles in the referred journal, Exceptional Human Experience Journal entitled: The Healing Of Congenital Heart Defect Symptoms Using Transforming Embodiment and Sitting In The Fire: Connected Knowing, Universal Mind And Becoming A Vessel For Time & Space.

Elizabeth's first book , Memory in Our Bones: Exploring the Mysteries of Mind. Body and Spirit ©, won awards in 2009 and 2011 and is endorsed Larry Dossey MD, Alexandra Kennedy MFCC, Leza Lowitz and Stanley Krippner PhD.

Elizabeth has also published numerous articles in Wisdom Magazine, Open Exchange and is an expert author at ezine.com. A variety of articles on energy approaches to healing the mind, body and spirit can be found at ezine.com.

New Books Due Out in 2020 and 2021

New revised edition of Award-winning book Memory in Our Bones: Transforming Emotional Pain into Peace available in Dec 2020. Many clients and students have asked for a simplier version of Memory in Our Bones, new edition is just that!

Her upcoming book Transforming History ~ Transforming Embodiment: Somatic Meditations for Healing the Past & the Soul — Beyond Traditional Therapy © is due out in 2021. Her manual of meditations An Awakened Approach to Open Heart Surgery: How to Survive and Thrive © is also due out in 2021.

The Roots of Transforming Embodiment from Engaged Embodiment © 1996 by H. Elizabeth Burke M.A.

In 1991, I witnessed for the first time in someone other than myself the extraordinary grip past life memory has upon our physical body. Lynn began experiencing an irregular heart beat in 1990 while studying massage. This irregular beat frightened her and one day it became so wild and erratic that she was rushed to the hospital with her heart racing out of control. After a barrage of tests, the doctors discovered that she had a congenital heart defect.
Lynn began to investigate her symptoms but always fell short of understanding why her heart plagued her so. It eluded her until one winter's night during a training I was teaching where Lynn would discover the cause of her heart's irregular and rapid beat by working directly with the memories held in her heart.