Training with Elizabeth - Fierce Compassion and Deep Insights

What I can Offer you

My trainings will ignite your chakras and open the door to spirit and Source. Understand and untangle the threads of patterns held in your body and mind, so you can free yourself from your past like never before.

Quite the mind, so you can hear the voice of your spirit and discover your true Self.

Come into relationship to your history and release your past, hold more light and be clearer, more conscious, embodied and empowered.

Your body is your greatest tool for spiritual awakening and my trainings will enable you to awaken and clear your body, mind, chakras and soul.

Balance your rational and intuitive mind, see the patterns in your life with greater clarity and know how to move forward with ease and grace.

Who Benefits from Elizabeth's Trainings

If you have been struggling with fears, inner conflicts, relationship difficulties, strong emotions that don't make sense, kundalini energy that overwhelms you or if you just want to connect more to your inner wisdom & find a sense of inner peace these training were designed for you.

Each training empowers you to work on yourself, to find your own answers for yourself and to see the interconnections in your life with new clarity. Awakening your intuitive mind with discernment and balancing your intuition and intellect are the gifts of this work.

Journey through life's transitions and struggles with ease and grace as you release old wounds and discover your eternal Self.

Trainings for Health Care Professionals

Trainings are also held for professionals, who want to learn the techniques of Transforming Embodiment and in depth chakra analysis and healing to use in their own private practice. Classes and trainings with Elizabeth bring together mind, body and spirit techniques and healing and marry these to psychic and somatic inquiry for self-healing and inner transformation.

What you can Expect

All courses and trainings are experientially based. Meditations, creative visualizations, breath work, deep imagery work, past life exploration, energy practices, chakra process work, shamanic journeying, art and sound are a few of the techniques I use when I teach these classes. Class size is kept small, so everyone gets the attention they need.

You will learn how to work on yourself with trust and discernment and discover more about the inner working of your mind and the interconnections to your body and soul than ever before. Past life memories are often experienced as you search for the origins of suffering and this often dramatically changes your world view. By working with past life emotions and memories remarkable healing happens as you transform your past and remove the residual energies of emotions and karmic patterns from your mind body ad spirit.

Monthly Groups

Monthly Groups are available after a training is completed for those of you who want more support in a small group setting. These groups are held over the phone or in person twice a month.