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When we are able to integrate our minds with our hearts and our actions with our intuitions we can find genuine meaning in our lives. — Tarthang Tulku

Enlightenment consists not merely in the seeing of luminous shapes and visions but in making the darkness visible. — Carl Jung


June 24 - Aug 12
Awakening the World Within — EALA Part 1 — Deep Chakra and Intuition Intensive

Activate and Illuminate your chakras one by one and learn to read the energy within you with greater trust and understand fundamental truths about your self in the process.

Oct 2017
Awakening the World Within — HO'OKINO Part 2 — Awakened Embodiment Somatic Intensive

Explore your organ systems directly and learn their stories. What does your body hold ? Discover the wisdom within and connect to your body's wisdom with new-found confidence.



Dhyana Center—Sebastopol CA

Sun. Aug 24 — 2 PM

Transforming Embodiment ® — A New Approach for Healing Your Past.

Transforming Embodiment — Elegant Solutions for Solving Problems and Healing your Past with Elizabeth Burke MA

Radio Show — Year of the Dragon — Online

Engaged Embodiment – an Interview with Elizabeth Burke MA

You have the answers to your soul's deepest questions. Your body is the key that opens the doorway to your past, so you can find empowerment and deep healing. Greater happiness and inner peace are possible when you connect to this wellspring of knowledge and understanding.

Gathering Thyme — San Anselmo, CA

Wed. Jan 13 — 7:00

Psychology and the Chakras

Elizabeth will give a talk on the chakras and Transforming Embodiment ®. Discover the meaning of each of your chakras and how they can be used for healing your mind body and spirit. Understand the interplay between physical symptoms and the energy body.

Elephant Pharmacy & Pharmaca Classes

Jan. 17 — 1:00 PM

Developing your Intuition and Diving Deeper

Learn how by balancing the intuition with the discerning mind clarity from deep within your being can be revealed to you. Understand the power of inner imagery and the art of the question to find your truth. Learn how to traverse your inner realms with new found confidence.

Jan. 31 — 1 :00 PM

Introduction to Hawaiian Shamanism

Learn the seven basic principles of huna and discover how to work with three aspects of your mind to relieve symptoms and change your life Hawaiian style. Learn simple techniques and start a journey into your inner world of imagination and intuition. Gain new understandings of how to change your life.

Feb 14 — 1:00 PM

Soulmates and Karmic Relationships

Soulmates and karmic connections can be far more complex than you ever imagined. These powerful relationships often demand that we grow in ways we never thought possible. Come learn about the positive yet challenging aspects of these bonds, their past life significance & how create to peace and harmony.


Gateway Books — Santa Cruz CA

Fri. January 15 — 7:00 PM

Elizabeth Burke will talk about her award-winning book Memory In Our Bones and her powerful new approach to healing, Transforming Embodiment ®.

Book Passage — Corte Madera, CA

Sun. Aug 23 — 5:00 PM

Featured Book Special Event: In Celebration of Bay Area Authors with local author Elizabeth Burke will talk about her award-winning book Memory In Our Bones.

East West Bookstore — Mountain View, CA

Fri. Aug 21 —7:30 PM

Featured Book: Memory in Our Bones Elizabeth Burke MA shares insights about how memory is held within your mind and body and how you can change deep patterns from within.